The Social Construction of Stories

I‘m interested in where these narratives come from, particularly those narratives that sometimes get in the way of us being happier. There’s been a lot of psychological research on how stories are helpful for us; for example, in the case of experiencing adversity or trauma. If we look for explanation and reason through narrative, it helps us cope with the adverse consequences.…

‘Psychonauts 2’: A comedic masterpiece

If you had been able to see me as I wended my way through “Psychonauts 2” you would have heard me spout things along the lines of: ‘this is bonkers!,’ ‘no way!,’ and ‘what?!?’ Accompanying these extremely articulate ravings was a thought I found repeatedly spinning around my head: There is something exhausting about true masterpieces. “Psychonauts 2” is the sequel to…

the rumination defense

“our favorite shows can distract us enough to stop us ruminating about that awkward question we asked during the afternoon all-hands meeting”

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